Delivery Policy

If there is any conflict between this Delivery Policy and the Online Terms and Conditions, the Online Terms and Conditions will prevail and will apply in respect of all products sold through the BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd” website.

Details of our delivery service

Online Ordering and Email Confirmation

Products purchased through the BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd” website will be delivered to a physical address of your choice, which must be selected during the online ordering process.  As soon as your order is dispatched, we will send you a confirmation email.

Courier Delivery

Deliveries will be performed by a professional courier company engaged by BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd”.  The delivery service is available from 10 am until 8 pm during weekdays only, and no deliveries will be made on weekends or public holidays. We recommend that you use your office address as your physical delivery address if you are not at home during the week.  You may be required to sign for delivery and provide a valid form of identification when your order is delivered. If you are not available to take delivery of your order, we will attempt either one or two more deliveries to the physical address that you provided during the online ordering process and, if still unsuccessful, the courier company, acting on BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd” behalf, will call you to arrange, in its sole and absolute discretion, for either a further delivery attempt to be made or for you to collect your order from the courier company. In no case BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd” will refund the amount if the product doesn’t reach you for above mentioned reasons as the product we deal in are customized products and of no use to anyone.

Viewing your order status

To ascertain the status of your order, please view your order status under ‘My Account’.

Delivery Times

Our delivery times will vary between 2-10 working days depending on the location and serviceability. While BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd” is firmly committed to delivering your order within the estimated delivery times, we are unable to guarantee that all orders will be delivered within the stipulated time frame due to unforeseen reasons.


There is a delivery fee of depending on the products weight ordered.  BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd”, in its sole discretion, may determine that your delivery address is located in a remote area and may, upon you placing your online order, request payment of an additional delivery fee. Should you object to an additional delivery fee being payable, you will still have the choice to withdraw your order.

Calculating Delivery Cost

Find your delivery fees simply by entering your delivery address in the BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd” website’s checkout page, and the BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd” site will calculate the delivery fees for you or if any changes, BoxFox team will connect with you.

Our Liability

BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd” is not liable for any incorrect order or delivery where you make an error in the information that you provide to BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd”. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that your ordered products are delivered within 2-10 business days. While BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd” will try to ensure a smooth delivery process, in the event that we are unable to meet the estimated delivery timeframes, you accept and agree that BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd” will not be liable for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising out of the late delivery of your order. You further acknowledge that the delivery of your order may be impacted by events beyond the control of BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd”, such as adverse weather conditions, industrial action, or an inability to secure labour, power, internet services, GSM network connectivity, materials or supplies.

BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd” delivers the products in standard packaging. All risk in the products will pass to you upon delivery; from the time when the risk passes to you, BOXFOX “IOPL”  “Indo Omakase Pvt Ltd” will not be liable for any loss or destruction of the products.

Return Policy At BoxFox “BOXFOX “IOPL” “, we accept returns or exchanges within 14 days of receiving the product. No refunds will be made for less than Rs. 2000.00. A discount voucher will be created that you can apply to your next purchase.

To process the exchange or return, please click here.

Shipping Policy To view our detailed shipping policy, please click here.

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